Simple client library for:

  • Performing basic HTTP invocation of services.
  • Adding simple basic authentication.
  • Persistence of data using POCO persistence with DataContractSerializer and DataContractJsonSerializer.
  • Encrypting data using AES.

Created for the simple scenario of ie. not having proxies for some REST service, wanting to persist object graphs in normal files or isolated storage (Silverlight 4 or Phone 7).

Supports any verb, but extra wrappers supported for GET, PUT, POST and DELETE. Asynchronous as well as synchronous wrappers for everything using normal HOFs. Json and Xml serialization wrappers provided - works using simple POCO serialization with either the DataContractSerializer or the DataContractJsonSerializer. No complicated type-discovery supported - decorate your type using [KnownType] if necessary.

Basic authentication supported. Targets are: full .NET 4, Silverlight 4 and Phone 7 silverlight. Should work fine for XNA as well.

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